The Best of Florianópolis

After spending over six months in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina I’ve
finally familiarized myself with some of Brazilian culture and cuisine. I
say “some” because the island I live on doesn’t properly reflect the
demographics of the country as a whole since the majority of residents here
are of European descent and huge groups of international students and
tourists (including myself) flock to the island to enjoy its beautiful
nature and fun night life. But despite this I still find myself
recommending stopping by Florianópolis to friends and family back at home
interested in visiting Brazil one day. The island is vibrant and with 46
beaches and has countless things to do and it can be daunting so I composed
a list of categories and ranked my top three for each one. Hopefully future
fellows (or my future self visiting floripa again) can benefit from this.


1. Pastels

I eat one of these filled with meat and cheese every Friday after my
language class. So much you fried oily goodness.

2. Açaí

This fruit is native to the Amazons and is usually served cold here and
mixed with guaraná (a Brazilian soda).

3. Ostra gratinada

The island is known for its seafood so if you come make a stop at Mercado
público and order half a dozen cooked oysters cover in cheese.


1. Praia Joaquina

This was the first beach I explored on the island and is a good spot for
surfers. The natural rock formations give it a unique iconic look.

2. Praia Daniela

A calm beachin the north of the island where many vendors come around
selling food, drinks, and clothes.

3. Praia Barra da Lagoa

Another touristic beach filled with beginner surfers and stunning views.

1. Trilha Lagoinha do Leste

Probably the most iconic hike of florianopolis. Takes about 5 hours to get
to this point so plan ahead.

2. Trilha Praia do Gravatá

The end of this 40 minute hike has a secluded beach where I often read or
meditate a bit.

3. Trilha Barra – Galheta

Pic says it all. Also if you’re planning on hiking down to Galheta be aware
it’s a nude beach.

1. Manaka in Itacoroubi

One of my closest friends works here and his dad owns the place. The
Japanese Brazilian fusion restaurant is mouthwatering. Say hi to Andre for
me if you go.

2. Espaço Nutrir in Lago da Conceição

Brazil has buffets everywhere but I have to say this vegan one is my

3. Any of the seafood restaurants near ponto 19 along Costa da Lagoa

Take a thirty minute boat ride to one of the restaurants along the coast of
the lagoon and enjoy a seafood lunch. Hike to the waterfall near the
restaurants afterwards.

*Places to Hang Out*
1. Iguatemi Shopping Mall

Pictured: wonderful fellows in a mall decorated for Christmas. We usually
watch films here with Portuguese subtitles.

2. 1007 in Centro

A three floor club with different themes every weekend. We went to the glow

3. Layback Park in Lagoa da Conceição

Located in the best neighborhood is a skatepark covered in graffiti and
little shops surrounding it selling coffee, ice cream, Thai food, poke, and