Ella Partanen

Ella is passionate about learning. She enjoys finding out more about people around her, as well as herself and the world around her, which she loves to explore by traveling. She's also artistic, as she has danced for her whole life and plans upon studying theater. As she attended UWC Mostar, as a result of inspiring example of the people around her, she developed a further interest and has been involved in gender equity, peace, collaboration and sustainability. Her goals for the year are to learn to speak Spanish, to integrate with the local community and understand many aspects of the local culture, as well as to gain a further understanding of global issues through South-American perspective.


How to communicate with your host family when they only speak Spanish and you speak basically no Spanish at all?

Did you mean: How to fake Spanish 101 1. Simply use google translate for all conversations. 2. Speak English with a Spanish accent (works wonders). 3. If the above doesn't work, just use literally any other language (I've got my point across with Finnish words in the middle of a sentence).  4. Be an expert…

11 September, 2019

GMT -5 (Quito)

From GMT+2 (Helsinki) to GMT+1 (Sarajevo) to GMT-7 (San Francisco) to GMT-5 (Quito). That’s my story. Originally from Finland where I grew up and studied until the first year of high school, I moved to Bosnia-Herzegovina, to Mostar, as I had just turned 17. I studied my last two years of high school in a…

31 August, 2019

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Ella Partanen