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Ella Partanen


How to communicate with your host family when they only speak Spanish and you speak basically no Spanish at all?

September 11, 2019

Did you mean: How to fake Spanish 101 1. Simply use google translate for all conversations. 2. Speak English with a Spanish accent (works wonders). 3. If the above doesn't work, just use literally any other language (I've got my point across with Finnish words in the middle of a sentence).  4. Be an expert...

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GMT -5 (Quito)

August 31, 2019

From GMT+2 (Helsinki) to GMT+1 (Sarajevo) to GMT-7 (San Francisco) to GMT-5 (Quito). That’s my story. Originally from Finland where I grew up and studied until the first year of high school, I moved to Bosnia-Herzegovina, to Mostar, as I had just turned 17. I studied my last two years of high school in a...

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