How to communicate with your host family when they only speak Spanish and you speak basically no Spanish at all?

Did you mean: How to fake Spanish 101

1. Simply use google translate for all conversations.
2. Speak English with a Spanish accent (works wonders).
3. If the above doesn't work, just use literally any other language (I've got my point across with Finnish words in the middle of a sentence). 
4. Be an expert of pantomime and act all your words and sentences out. 
5. Pretend that you understand everything they're saying to you (and end up hiking for 10 kilometers in jeans because you thought you're just going for a short walk around the town).
6. Just accept the fact that there's no way to communicate and try any other way to bond with people (e.g. take a ballet class with your host sister… just to realize you'll need spanish there as well).