Blessing Ajayi

Blessing is passionate about traveling and learning. She cares about affecting change in global warming, and improving the self-esteem of young women and girls of color. Her goals for the year are: becoming fluent in Portuguese, leave a lasting impact on her community, and to find a second home. One of my biggest inspirations is Muhammad Ali; I seek to embody his confidence and charisma.



About a week ago made 100 days in Brazil. 92 days more than I’ve ever spent away from D.C. Naturally, people are always asking what I’m doing. They want to know how I’ve spent my 15 and weeks growing and having a life changing experience. The funny thing about life changing experience is that they…

16 December, 2019


Pâro. A word created by John Koenigin in his, “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” to describe the subtle, yet persistent feeling that everything you do is somehow wrong. A sensation that I have become very familiar with over the last couple of weeks. When I reach out for a handshake instead of lean in for a…

04 October, 2019

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Blessing Ajayi