About a week ago made 100 days in Brazil. 92 days more than I’ve ever spent away from D.C. Naturally, people are always asking what I’m doing. They want to know how I’ve spent my 15 and weeks growing and having a life changing experience. The funny thing about life changing experience is that they never feel that way when you’re in them, so it's hard to tell. However, Reader, you’ll be happy to hear that according to my horoscope right now I’m “opening my conscious to new dimensions of living that I never knew existed.”

So.. um…, yea… that.

In the 2,424 hours away from home, how have I grown? I didn’t like Caldo de Cana when I got here and now I do. I have eaten as many pastels as humanly possible. Learned to speak Portuguese (see: sort of). I’ve learned that the beach is a good place to go when you're sad, or happy, or mad, or feeling any human emotion at all. Although  I haven’t learned how to dance samba or seen a soccer game; there was a three week phase where I ate everything with a knife and fork (which is more brasilian than both of those things) and I can get to my seat on the bus with making a fool of myself (see: sometimes, and the buses are VERY bumpy).