Azul Diaz

Azul Diaz is passionate about art and social change. He is passionate about securing human rights for all and ending racism and hate. His goals for the year are to learn and adapt to a new culture and way of life as well as experience the world in a way that better prepares him for college and life afterwards in order to have a greater impact on the community. What inspires him are the people around him that have made him believe in his own potential and push him to be the best person he possibly can.


Meu querido Brasil

Meu Brasil querido, Em pouco tempo eu vou ter que te deixar, eu vou ter que continuar com o meu comino longe d’aqui mas, meu Brasil, eu quero te dizer que foi tÌ£o bom te encontrar nessa vida. Foi o destino mesmo que me tro̤o perto de vocÌ». Eu prometo que vou te guardar dentro…

03 June, 2015


This year has been a lot about reconsidering and reevaluating. Have you ever heard those song lyrics, the more I see

18 February, 2015

Time and perspective

I am not going to lie, it’s been pretty hard keeping up with the blog posting. Well you probably have already perceived that since last time I wrote was just few weeks after I arrived. And now, well it has been about four months of being here in Brazil. Four months, which I can’t tell…

17 December, 2014

From Florida to Floripa, and a Whole Lot of Portuñol

It’s unbelievable that it has only been a little bit over a week since I arrived in Brazil. So much has happened since, and my life before seems so far away. Well actually, it is quite far away -about 4,392.5 miles to be exact. I currently live in Florianopolis, or Floripa as Brazilians call it,…

14 October, 2014

Are you ready to leave?

Yes, they did give me a packing list, a list of things I need to accomplish before I leave, and a broad idea of what I will be doing for the next nine months. I have checked off items from that list and I have imagined my self countless times doing any sort of activity that…

07 August, 2014

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Azul Diaz