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Antony Le


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June 8, 2018

Hi! Thanks for tuning in for my last ever GCY blog. This first part is why I decided to embark on this journey. The second part is my reflection. The third part… aka my last video, is yet to come. Subscribe to my channel and click that bell notification to be the first to see...

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Inside Global Citizen Year: Shukura, Khuda, and Leandra

February 4, 2018

Meet the Ecuador Southern Cohort fellows: Shukura, Khuda, and Leandra, and hear about their unique stories before, during, and after their gap year with Global Citizen Year.

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Vamos – Ecuador: Mid-Year Video

February 3, 2018

Take a look into my experiences in Ecuador so far. In this video, you will see footage of the schools I teach in and the city I live in, Guachapala, as well as some sights from Giron, Banos de Ambato, and  Pailon de Diablo.

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Guachapalian Gorilla

December 12, 2017

During my first week of teaching English in Guachapala, Ecuador, I encountered my worst nightmare: a crying seven-year-old in the middle of class. Her name was Kelly, and she was one of the shyest girls at my school; I never talked to her before. So, when she started bawling loudly mid-class, I didn’t know how...

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The Guachapala Life

October 15, 2017

I’m loving it here in the south of Ecuador. I am located in a canton called Guachapala with my Caguana-Toledo family. My family consists of my mother, Gloria, my father, Esteban, my brothers, Martin (17) and Pedro (11), sister, Paula (19), and our four dogs. We have two pugs, a poodle, and a german shepherd...

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Adventures with Antonio!

August 31, 2017

The craziest thing that I’ve done is surf down an active volcano in Nicaragua. Actually, that’s probably the second most craziest thing I’ve done. The first… well, subscribe to my blog and find out! ¡Bienvenidos! My name is Antony Le and I recently graduated from Andrew P. Hill High School in San Jose, California. In...

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