Adventures with Antonio!

The craziest thing that I’ve done is surf down an active volcano in Nicaragua. Actually, that’s probably the second most craziest thing I’ve done. The first… well, subscribe to my blog and find out!


My name is Antony Le and I recently graduated from Andrew P. Hill High School in San Jose, California. In a few days, my Global Citizen Year will begin! The spark that led to my gap year adventure was travelling abroad with the Global Glimpse program. I studied abroad in Nicaragua, slid down active volcanos. learned about the world around me. In Ecuador, I will participate in several agricultural, business, and medical apprenticeships in the community and teach English to students. I believe taking this gap year means having the strength to defy the traditional blueprint for students, to follow and pursue your dreams, and to live life to the fullest extent.

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¡Poco a poco, se va muy lejos! -Sra. Henderson