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Angus Larsen

26 Dec 2016 Christmas… or the lack thereof.

I realise that I haven’t written a blog in what seems like forever! This is due to several reasons:I have been busy with some awesome projects. Some new ones have started to line up, so I think I am gonna leave explaining them until I...

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10 Oct 2016 Change of Scenery, Change of Mind

Oi pessoal!Wow, the last few weeks, let alone days, have been busy. There has been much to learn, not only about the community that surrounds me during my time here in Brasil, but about myself too, and how exactly I fit into the scheme of...

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24 Sep 2016 When It Isn’t You Pushing Yourself

With the inability to communicate (and the lack of people around to communicate with, thereof) comes much time to reflect, observe and eat acai bowls. The change of scenery from Curitiba to Florianopolis, too, holds much to do with this. The connection I had managed...

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