Amanda Hawks

Amanda Hawks is passionate about writing, and helping other people to succeed, especially in education environments. She is involved is her high school writing center, in which she helps people better their writing. She also works at the Boys and Girls Club of Idaho. Her goals this year are to learn as much as she can about herself and her impact on the world, and to center herself by learning about a different culture. Her favorite quote is, "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."


How have I changed?

Since I've come back, I've found myself thinking about this question a lot. I want to know if my attitude has changed, or even if little things about me have changed since I've gotten back from Brazil, and I've had this conversation with a lot…

01 June, 2017

3 Common Questions About My Time in Brazil

Did you learn Portuguese? This is suprisingly the most common question that I've gotten since I got back. My favorite answer is that I couldn't write a dissertation in Portuguese but I can have a conversation. I'm super proud of how much of the language…

30 May, 2017

Easter Baskets

In my last few months of being in my host community I have found myself more busy than I found myself the entire time I had been at APAE (my apprenticeship working with people who have disabilities). Every year APAE has a project selling Easter…

06 April, 2017

Elections in Brazil

These past six months have been a crazy roller coaster of incredibly experiences and also some pretty bad things as well. The bad things have been on my mind more frequently, as I constantly think about the DAPL, police brutality, and of course the results…

28 March, 2017

Love Trumps Hate

Today I woke up at three A.M, and reached for my phone. I was so excited for the news, and fully expected to pick up my phone and see that sanity had prevailed. While I knew our country was divided by racism and hatred, I…

09 November, 2016

A Few Days Too Many

It was 10 A.M when I woke up on Saturday and heard a familiar voice coming from my front yard. I knew that my best friend, Alondra, had planned on coming over that day, but she also said she was going to wait for me…

28 October, 2016


I have always considered myself to be college bound, as I’m sure many of you have.   College is extremely appealing, you get to make new friends, live in dorms, set yourself on a career path, and of course learn at a higher level. Which…

04 August, 2016

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Amanda Hawks