How have I changed?

Since I've come back, I've found myself thinking about this question a lot. I want to know if my attitude has changed, or even if little things about me have changed since I've gotten back from Brazil, and I've had this conversation with a lot of people. 

I think the simple answer is that yes, I have changed. At least from my perspective, though I had a conversation with a friend who told me that I seem the same. 
When I went to Brazil, I was expecting a life changing experience. I wanted to come back a different person, someone who was more confident, aware and intelligent. I was thinking that this experience would have the ability to change me for an introvert into an extravert. 
This of course didn't happen. I realized that my expectations were too high about halfway through the year. However, the areas that I really wanted to change in are areas where I have improved in. 
Confidence was the most important trait to me, and I think that I have improved. I now notice myself doing things that I never would have done before. I'm less afraid to talk to people I want to be friends with and I'm way more proud of the work that I do and also feel like I'm doing better work because of it.
In the last blog I wrote I said that I have changed, but I'm still me. I think this rings true because I am more confident, but I think the changes that took place are just changes that allow me to feel more confident being me.