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Adriana is passionate about learning and sharing the stories of others, and inciting a change. She is involved in Black Lives Matter, advancing the rights of indigenous people, and promoting acceptance of different religions, races, identities and backgrounds. Her goals for the year are to gain a new perspective, learn some of Ecuador's truths, and successfully integrate herself into her Ecuadorian community. Favorite Quote: "Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder". - Rumi


La situación actual de los Venezolanos

(An article I wrote for the radio station I worked at.) Para muchos ecuatorianos, la vida cotidiana está plagada de la presencia de los venezolanos. La mayoría de ellos ocupan las calles, venden productos baratos o baten alrededor de carteles que relatan su historia de vida. Una pregunta que muchos ciudadanos ecuatorianos se hacen a…

30 April, 2019

I wanted to buy a book today

I wanted to buy a book today. The distant eyes seem so close when their gaze is fixed on you. I wanted to buy a book today. My hand glided upon the glossy covers as I endured the transfixed look of the “diligent” workers. I wanted to buy a book today. I picked up a…

29 March, 2019

Only a Foreigner That I Know

In the Otavalo market, other Americans couldn’t easily identify me as their own. For some reason, I make desperate gazes at tourists, hoping that I would spark some form of fraternity in this foreign land. But alas, they may shoot me a brisk stare, then continue their banter about how interesting the indigenous market was….

20 December, 2018

Be Your Own Pressure System

To ease my nervous breath before I travelled to California, I decided to read a poem or two. I shuffled through my Grandmother’s book collection, letting my fingertips gently graze upon each book’s spine until it landed on one that felt right.The book that I happened to pick up was called Winds by Mary O’Neill,…

26 August, 2018

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Adriana Martinez-Smiley