Wow What a Girl!

Heather Kurtz - Ecuador

March 6, 2012

When you were eleven what was your day like?  I went to school, played sports, came home and fought with my sibling.

Here my aunt is eleven and her days are a little different.  She goes to school and does her homework, and on weekends plays soccer.  The difference is that she does not fight with her siblings, when she gets home.  She helps do everything around the house.  She watches the children and helps to cook the meals.  My aunt does not have much time to just chill out and be a kid.  She is always doing things.

At first I felt so bad.  I thought how miserable it must be to have to work all the time. But when I asked her what she would change in her life, she said “No quiero cambiar nada” translation “I don’t want to change anything.” As hard as she works and as much as I felt sorry for her; she is happy with her life just the way it is.  Sometimes the outsider does not know what is best for everyone.

My aunt is amazing. I cannot imagine how mad I would have been, if I had to do what she does, when I was eleven.

Heather Kurtz