With Love, Ex Vegetarian

I should have saved you earlier, but we were coming for you and there was nothing I could do at that point. You might wonder, why should “I” have been the one to save you if “we”, including “I”, were the ones coming for you. Well, I’ll get to that later. I watched you being held by your feet, being swung around with blood comingåÊfrom your eyes and mouth. You were trying to reach for your last few bits of air for about 7 minutes before I gave the call to end you off, I couldn’t bear to watch you. As I gave the call I turned my head and plugged my ears, how could I watch them finish the job for good? Watch them end your life forever? I turned back around when I was told it was all over, there you were fully dead on the ground, and I got a glimpse of the rock being thrown in to the forest, that I gave the call for, used to end you. I knew your fate before I left that morning, and I still chose to go. When I heard the first gunshot that took your life for good, I had thought and hoped they missed, but my thoughts and hopes weren’t enough to make you get away any faster. You were one and done. I couldn’t walk behind you as you got slung around like a peace of meat, even though now that’s all you were, so I decided to go back home. Envisioning you dead like that was horrifying, how could they, it’s so wrong, innocent life taken by surprise. When they brought you home it made me feel worse about how I just let them kill you. There you were cooking on the stove, little pink body frying away. I’m really sorry little bunny rabbit but I must tell you this, and it makes me feel even worse…. YOU TASTED DIVINE!