Why I chose Global Citizen Year

Elizabeth Warren - Ecuador

July 14, 2011

I already knew I wanted to take a year off, one of the main reason being I had changed my mind on what I wanted to do and major in at least twenty times. I didn’t want to go to college unsure and I thought a year off would be great. Now all I had to do was figure out what I wanted to do with my time.


One night while on Facebook an icon caught my attention — it said “College can wait.” I clicked on it and discovered Global Citizen Year.  I spent that whole night looking into this program and I knew this was what I really wanted to do. I am adventurous and I love to travel, so this program was perfect for me. I live in a small town and I love it but I know the world has so much more to offer and I want to take up that offer. There’s so much out there and so many different cultures and lifestyles and I want to experience them.   I love to help people,  and if there’s a chance that I can make even the smallest difference in someone’s or peoples lives I’m going to take it.


This a chance of a lifetime and I am very excited I get to be apart of this. 🙂

Elizabeth Warren