Why did I decide to take a bridge year?

Hi everyone!

Starting today, I'm taking part in a transformative bridge year with the Global Citizen Year program.

Why did I decide to take a bridge year? Growing up, my dad's work as a contractor took our family to many different places and countries. I was born in Indonesia, and have lived in India, and the UAE. In the states, I've spent time in Florida, Alabama, Puerto Rico, Kansas, and most recently Indiana.

When I was in the tenth grade I was awarded a full scholarship to live and study in the country of Indonesia for a year. This experience changed my life. I learned so much that when I came back to the states for my senior year,  I found that I wasn't sure what I wanted to study and which life path I wanted to take. The one thing I was sure about was that I needed more time to make the right decision. I knew that a bridge year, a year between high school and college was the right choice for me.

I will spend an academic year in Ecuador, living with a host family and working in a community. While in Ecuador I'll be able to explore my interest in the environment,  explore a country and culture, learn Spanish, and gain more leadership skills.

The only reason I am able to participate in this program is because of global citizen year's generous financial aid. This scholarship was raised by last year's group of fellows and this summer I am raising funds to support next year's group of fellows. This fundraising is called my Summer Campaign. Through graduation donations and working this summer I have raised a large part of my fundraising goal. However, I hope to raise funds during my year in Ecuador.

This is the link to my campaign:


I'm so excited to start this new journey, thank you for reading!

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Instagram: helene_indo