This past few days have been a little rough. I decided to make a list of a bunch of things that annoyed me or inconvenienced me in some way as a way to try to shake off these bad vibes:

  1. Was told I was getting a ride home, didn’t get the ride home

  2. After being told I wasn’t getting a ride, I got lost for over an hour on the bus

  3. My phone got wet, couldn’t use it for three days

  4. Had to cut broccoli in my hand, sliced my thumb

  5. My micro USB cable broke out of nowhere

  6. Bought American candy- it was all expired

  7. Tries to get some sleep, host sister yells at 5AM waking the entire house

  8. Wants to take shower in morning, after 30 seconds, water gets ice cold

  9. Was waiting for the bus, another bus that wasn’t my bus blocked me, missed my bus

  10. WhatsApp stops sending notifications, has 10 unread messages from supervisor about week’s plans that require a reply

  11. Went to work thinking I was on time, apparently was over an hour late for a meeting downtown

  12. Had to take taxi downtown, all money spilled out in taxi

  13. Had to follow around a Peace Corps Volunteer for 3 hours and do nothing as she conducted her survey for Peace Corps project

  14. Peace Corps volunteer chooses to do survey in afternoon, pouring rain the entire time

  15. Peace Corps volunteer felt bad for wasting my time, bought me colada morada and spilled colada morada on my sweater

  16. Peace Corps volunteer wants to talk me to bus stop, stops to say hello to some people and I miss two buses

  17. Waits 15 minutes in the cold rain for next bus

  18. Loses one of two black pens

  19. Tries to feed stray dog, it runs away

  20. Apprenticeship is on third week without power

Now I realize some of these were completely out of my control- and some could have been avoided completely if I was more conscious. And I wasn’t trying to complain and have a pity party. The point is it’s really hard to thrive somewhere where all you do is focus on the negatives, so I’m trying my best to recognize things aren’t all right but they aren’t all wrong either. When you’re 3,000 miles away from home and the best people in your life, it’s really hard to not think the grass is greener somewhere else.

Shmood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALZHF5UqnU4