What to Pack for a Year in Brazil

How exactly does one fit their entire life into a 58L backpack? Out of all the questions I have about my upcoming bridge year in Brazil, this one feels the most daunting. So, below I have listed what I think are the essentials for 8 months in beautiful Brazil.

1.Sunscreen: A must for any pale individuals looking to travel to the equator

2. Swimsuit: Goodbye endless winter and hello endless summer

3. Books: Unreliable internet connection? What a perfect time to catch up on some reading

4. English to Portuguese Dictionary: Because, no, it is not basically the same as Spanish

5. Dancing shoes: Time to get funky at Carnival and learn how to Samba

6. Healthy Appetite: Did someone say acai bowls?

7. Camera: Capturing the beauty of the day-to-day

8. Journal: For remembering the minute details long after leaving Brazil

9. Goldfish Crackers: An instant remedy for homesickness

10. Open-mind: Necessary for anyone looking to travel outside his/her normal and leave with an expanded worldview