What is ahead?

I should present some apologizes over the absence of posts about Senegal. Over the three weeks that the first stage of ICO took place, the intensity of our working schedule left me with little time and big tiredness to sit and write something properly. Sorry for that.


But I have important news, ones that will clarify what are going to be my next steps in Senegal for the duration of the program.


I was assigned to live for the next 7 months in Nguéniène, a rural village located in the Province of Mbour, Thies Region – better known as “La Petite Côte”. Inside this location, I will be host by the Ndour family, which is part of the Sereer ethnicity. Because of that, as part of my language adaptation process, I will be learning French, Wolof and Sereer Sine.


In the village, I will participate in two apprenticeships: Local agriculture and carpentry. In the case of the first one, I’ll be learning and working on crop production and the local agricultural system with a farmer called Abdoulay Deme – known as “Le Gros”-. On the second one, I will be learning about woodworking and local crafts with Amadou Wade, local carpenter.


So, those are the updates that so far I can deliver for you. After stabilizing my time here in Senegal, I will write more about Nguéniène and different elements that I may evidence along this experience.



But, at the moment, thank you and sorry.