Visioning My Victory

I want the dream of being fluent in another language to be a reality. I know it is a challenge but I am never one to back down and quit. 

This will take a lot of time and commitment. I will need to put myself constantly in the stretch zone to the point where it transforms itself into the comfort zone. Having a little word bank of words that I have learnt will help track my progress when I look back in the future. 

This will allow me to have more connections with people in my community and workplace because I won't only have generic conversations asking about where they are from and how many siblings they have. 
I need to be more patient with this process, the people, and most importantly myself. This experience isn't going to be perfect and that this opportunity I have is a good chance to improve on my skills of adaptability. I can start by just say yes more. 
I want to gain more independence physically, mentally, and emotionally. This can be easily achieved by journal or blogging to find some way to output my thoughts. 
I know this will be hard to achieve but as a good friend always tells me.. "We got time"