Update from the Field


So my computer broke. It fell and the slot where the charger goes in is broken. I was really pissed. The plan for the day was for my family and I to go out to lunch, and this was actually my Christmas present to them; for me to treat them all to lunch. The computer broke right before we left so on the 45 minute car ride to the restaurant I had lots of time to think about how much it sucks that my computer just broke. But then I got to thinking, it’ll only suck if I think about it. I thought, ok Gabe you gotta try to be happy and not think about this, and THEN, I thought, I am happy. I’m really happy. And having lunch with my family only reinforced this thought. We sat down and conversed, laughed, and ate yummy food. I had a great time with them. It’s 1:15 am on the dot right now, and I’m typing this standing up as my phone charges. I just read my book for an hour or so I’m not sure. Tomorrow I don’t know what I’ll do but I know it’ll be something with the amazing people I’ve met here. My family and friends here are such warm souls that I can’t help but be happy around them. Something I’ll miss about Ecuador is the views I have when I go for walks. In Philly it’s row homes and buildings, here it’s mountains, beautiful skies, and since I’m so high up (9,500 ft!) I can look down on many little communities and even Azogues, the closest city to my community. Another happy thought that creeps into my mind is the fact that I have a loving family that I sorely miss and that misses me that’s waiting for me back home. Sometimes I have moments where I think to myself, ” I really want to go home right now”, but they don’t last long. Something I’m very good at is living in the moment, leaving thoughts behind, and just being. Sorry for my disorganized thoughts, this turned into a stream of consciousness.

Te amo familia. en menos de 3 meses les voy a ver y tener el chance de dar abrazos a todos. Aveces, muy noche cuando ya estoy acostado en mi cama, pienso si voy a llorar cuando les veo.
^ I love you family. In less than 3 months I’ll see and have the chance hug all of you. Sometimes, late at night when I’m already in bed, I wonder if I’ll cry or not when I see you.