Tres Dias de Aprender

As day three of my new life comes to an end, I begin to reflect on my days in Brazil and while my time has been short here I have learned many things. There are small cultural differences such as the TV always being on, eating four meals a day; lunch being the largest, most extravagant meal, and the subtle respect people have for one another. Then comes the inexplicably large differences such as the tight knit family oriented communities, where everyone knows each other. The justifiable need to own and drive a motorcycle, and at the same time avoid hitting the multiple dogs and cows that wander the streets but somehow still have a home. It looks chaotic, but the way of life is ordered, respected, and understood. I am learning quickly the way that people speak to one another. They are quick to help other people, even people such as myself who are considered foreigners. My português is rough, it's much like a toddlers where I can exclaim excitedly, "Um vaca!" or, "Um gramma e muito verde." 
I have been fortunate to not feel frustrated with my lack of understanding about the culture or language. I feel fortunate to have my host family, who take the time out of their day to speak slowly to me until I understand. I have a lot of fun with the pets of the community, my family having two dogs, two cats, and an outside guinea pig named Carmela. I expressed my love for riding horses and they quickly showed me their Uncles "fazenda" or farm down the street. Where I got to see his three horses, dogs, and cows. I feel so at home doing the dishes, taking the bus into town with my host sister, and playing games with my host brothers. So at home that sometimes I feel like I should be more advanced with my Português until I remember. It's only day three.