Training: Day 1

This is going to be a stub of an entry because I am flat-out exhausted. I just want to let everyone know that I’ve arrived at the training institution at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and it is beautiful! The scenery and the landscape are amazing. We had our first meeting with everyone in an oak grove with gorgeous sunlight filtering through the treetops. There’s a garden where you can pick and eat fruit right off the bushes; cute, clean facilities and buildings; and stunning mountain vistas everywhere you turn. The atmosphere is perfect for team building and to begin our Global Citizen Year together. I’ll post pictures when I take them.


  1. Goodbyes were sad, but I was glad that everyone who was able to come to the airport came. My sadness didn’t really stand a chance against my excitement anyways.
  2. The flight was 45 minutes shorter than expected. I slept for half of it.
  3. Meeting all of the Fellows in person was an experience that I cannot do justice in one sentence.
  4. Authentic Mexican food was fun and yummy. I ate fish! My body is adjusting well to the hard proteins, but I can already predict that I will be very glad to return to veganism when I can.
  5. GCY staff is adorable. They all make me smile.
  6. The Fellows are wonderful and insightful and funny and fun. I’m glad we all get to bond and play Bananagrams.

On a side note, I was very happy to find that not only was dinner at IONS delicious, it was vegan. So although I am being forced to eat “normally,” I had a very nice dinner. 🙂

I wish I could get my thoughts out in a more eloquent way but I’m too tired to think. My body is demanding that I collapse into bed now. It’s been a long, good day.