To You, My Friends

This is to you, my friends.
Friends who,
Forged through trials of
Fire and Rain,
Formed connections strong
Built upon a pyre of
Countless tears and
Multiple more smiles
Such that the friendships formed
Outshone the pain of any fire


This is to you, my friends,
The ones who endured countless hours
As seats rumbled and
Streets Wound and
Tummies jumbled
Until feet finally touched ground and
Nerves eased as
Conocidos y Amigos
Broke free and shined
Through the shrouds of mystery and
Finally felt familiar comfort as
Warm embrace
Reminded them that all would be okay
And left them rejuvenated knowing that
There would be better days.


This is to you, my friends,
The ones who realised that,
The beauty of a friendship is not in
The bright bang of combustion;
The spark of a moment’s perfect chemistry.
But rather in the pain-staking process of
Crafting a bonfire with wet wood which,
Though seemingly impossible,
Lasts long as it unites the lights
That burn bright in each of our
Uniquely beating hearts
As we join together,
Singing songs of companionship
Long into our final few nights.


This is to you my friends,
As we depart for worlds both
Near and far;
For the friends who built bridges
Across countries worlds apart.
And understood that
Each memory is of a moment
But diamonds are forever
And in each of you shines a diamond,
Formed with 7 months of pressure
And precious in our eyes.


This is to my friends,
This one is for you.