Title: 4 months ago

Four months ago, day for day, I left my family to embark on this journey!

I had no idea about what it'll hold for me. I was so anxious about it. Mentally and emotionally, I doubted myself to be able to handle it just fine. I had no clue about the people I'll spend the next 8 months with, I could not  even pronounce their names right.

Now that I am recalling it feels so weird to me realizing that those "strangers" are now my "go to people".

I remember when we first landed in Mumbai, and me hearing either Hindi or Marathi ( I could not tell back then) I was like woww it started for real, I am really into the journey now!

And still now I am discovering my host community day by day and meeting new people, getting more comfortable with the language(s), the stares, and definitely my host family!

And the biggest thing I have learned so far being with them is how my perception of things can either make my days or the do the opposite! Placed in the area of the city that is very conservative and not used seeing to foreigners especially people like me, it was very challenging for me to handle all that attention. Thanks to my host mom for implementing the idea that I had the choice to direct all that in a direction that will benefit me instead of feeling uncomfortable everytime I had to be outside. So I did that and now I am more serein navigating through the city.

I am looking forward to start the new year with my independent travels and exploring more of India, living more of this journey!

On Fri, Aug 30, 2019, 6:56 PM Mame Diarra Sarr <mamebousso1500@gmail.com> wrote:

How does it feel to be like a fellow?

How does it feel like to be hosted  by a family that you have never met before?

How does it feel like to have host siblings?

How does it feel to learn a language and immersing yourself to a new culture?

How does it feel?

Considering that I have been a host sister for five years I was able to witness the transformative year fellows go through each year. However I could never feel how was it even though I have imagined it or pictured it so clear in my mind , I didn't experience it. Now, I am so greatful to have the opportunity to be in their shoes and I can't wait to meet my host family🙂!