This thing called our world.

Albamarina Nahar - Brazil

November 28, 2011

It really amazes me how the poorest of the world can create these beautiful things, surviving methods that are so valuable and rich of soul.  Living in the states I was never blind of the rest of the world.  But growing up forgetting my parent roots and forgetting the sacrifices–them, my grandparents.  My ancestors have crossed and met to get me, where I am in the present.  As of today, I stay observing but learning through peoples actions and decisions.  That later on affects the person and then slowly triggers the world.  These different aspects of life of opinion always trigger my brain.  Like an ant that found food on the ground.

The people knowingly, know that we all are different.  But that’s no excuse to separate us.  Last time I checked we all are one race, one kind, one human being.  In my opinion it is insane how people grow into ignorant people that refuse to accept other ideas, that their own kind has created. It is never the way to move forward in life or even in this world. The judgmental thoughts and words that come out of people will always offend another human being, no matter the situation.  Even though they won’t be present in your face, be reminded that it will crush someones life at least once.

But this is the thing, those words that are said from these ignorant people- half of the time its not even their own fault.  We all are raised in different environments.  As uniformed as we all are, we don’t know every situation that families around the world are living in until we understand their personal situation.  Its like this saying, ” the person who sits behind the desk writing the laws, are the ones who do not live the poverty of people who survive the laws.”  How simple it can be for those “elites” to honestly control society at their palm and not understand what people have to go through to survive and make their bodies as useful space to contribute to this world of o u r s?

Albamarina Nahar