Their baby is growing up

My time here has been extremely special and positively changed me as a
person and possibly my favorite part of the time here has been being able
to share what I have been experiencing with my family who have come to

Being able to show them that “their baby” was able to come to another
country and learn the language. Being able to share the community I have
created and spent so much time with. Having the capability of bridging the
language barriers so that my family from across the world can come together
and come to the understanding that they helped me become who I am.

I have had a truly blessed experience and although I’m not fully grown yet…
I think it’s safe to say that although my family may call me “their baby”
they know that “their baby” is growing up right before their eyes.

(And bellow are some more recent pictures if you would like to look)

(Trying to reason with a kid in my class so he eats lunch instead of trying
to tickle me)

(Pictures with my grandparents and friends at a coffee shop)

(Host parents)

(Swinging at 14,000 ft)

(Sitting on a wall with my little guy)

(The most manly pose possible with my pops)

(Acting goofing with my mama)