The Unexpected Visitor

Over these last seven months my greatest struggle has been all of the insects and creepy crawlies. I’ve become okay with ants in the house, spiders all over the place (as long as they’re not poisonous and don’t jump) and the little geckos that reside on the ceilings. The one type of  creepy crawlies that I will never be okay with seeing and having in my room without freaking out are cockroaches. A couple months ago I had a scarring event that I will never be able to forget.
I was doing what I do before I go to bed, watching netflix when I felt something crawling on my leg. Being a rationale person who doesn’t like bugs or creepy crawlies I immediately jumped out of bed and brushed myself off. I turned on my light and saw nothing. My first thought was to assume it was the gecko because I refused to believe it was anything else. 
I turned my light back off and continued watching netflix. I was laying there peacefully when I heard a very loud bug flying over my face, I swatted it away, ran to turn on the light and saw the biggest cockroach of my life. I quickly tried to get a shoe to kill it but in that 30 seconds I lost it somewhere in my room. 
I proceeded to spend the next 4 hours awake with the light on, unable to fall asleep with the knowledge that there was a cockroach in my room that had been on my leg and flown over my face. 
I eventually fell asleep, with the light on and woke up with no sign of the cockroach. That same day I sprayed poison in my room, hoping to one day see the corpse. Then logically for the next couple nights I slept with the light on in case it decided to come back for round two. My victory came a week later when I found it dead in the corner.
So moral of the story, there was a cockroach in my room for a week, it invaded my personal space and this is why I will forever and always hate them.