The Places You’ll Go And The People You’ll Meet

With pre-departure training coming to a close, I felt it best to fill my first blog post with a small chunk of newly-learned information. One thing that has really stuck around with me after this week is the classification of facts about oneself. I've met so many amazing people this week and I felt that a good start to my blog would be to share some of them with the world (aka my 33 subscribers). So, here are three amazing people I've met, along with a resume fact, eulogy fact (something that makes them who they are), and a failure fact (something they've failed at along their journey in life).
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Kate Jakobson
Hometown: Danbury, CT
Country: Brazil
Failure: Failed her driver's test the first time around
Resume: Took 12 AP Tests, self studied for 4
Eulogy: Her favorite animals are pigs and she was able to hangout with them 24/7 when she worked on a farm this summer.
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Kaya Van Dyke
Hometown: Ashland, OR
Country: Brazil
Failure: Didn't get into her top choice school
Resume: Spent her junior year of high school abroad studying in Charleroi, Belgium with Rotary Youth Exchange
Eulogy: She's passionate about hip hop, ballet and contemporary dance.
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Jack Dickerson
Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA
Country: Ecuador
Failure: Out of 15+ auditions he only came out with one major role
Resume: Did extensive volunteer work with a local science center centered around ecological restoration
Eulogy: Likes animals and the natural world, 'often times more than the people living in it'.