The past does not define me

Going into global citizen year I was scared, anxious, and I held a lot of emotional baggage. I was skeptical of what the true reason I came into this program is but after the last group meeting we had I can confidently say I have found my purpose.

 As some of you may know I was asked to leave the Head-Royce school when I was a sophomore. I was pulled into the office and given a one day suspension. The next day my parents were asked to come in and meet with the head of the high school. At the meeting my parents were informed that I was being asked to leave the school. This day will forever be burned into my memory as the day I thought my future was ruined. 
This was and has been the single most regretted decision I have made in my life and I have been harboring so much emotional baggage from this that it has hindered my ability to come to terms with my own emotions of the situation. There was regret, shame, and pain tightly wound together holding me from becoming the best version of my self. 
I am ready to forgive myself and to finally let my actions reflect my nature rather than let the decisions of a 14 year old Kaya define the life of the growing and evolving Kaya of today. From here on out I choose to live in my highest self.