“The days are long but the years are short”

Its been 5 days since I left home for California. I can honestly say that Wednesday morning in the airport I felt horrible. I had said my goodbyes and I sat alone while I waited for my flight. I was nervous, scared and even second guessing my decision. “It’s only 8 months. If I hate it I’ll be home soon enough”, I told myself.

Then yesterday we had our family picnic and my mom flew out to California. It was so great of her to fly out and I was so happy to see her but then it was time to say goodbye again.

But this time it was different. My mom even said that it felt different for her too. This was the last goodbye before I leave the country, yet we both knew I was going to be ok. Instead of saying goodbye and going on a plane not knowing anything, I was saying goodbye and walked back to my dorm where I had knew friends waiting for me.

Over the course of the past few days we’ve had seminars, lectures, and activities to prepare us for our upcoming journeys. We’ve been told a lot of stories and given a lot of advice. And one of the things said to us that really stood out to me was “The days are long but the years are short.” After being reassured on many different levels that this program was the right choice, hearing this made me realize that it really is only 8 months. And even though it’ll be challenging at times April will be here before I know it. But I know this short amount of time I’ll be able to learn so much and grow as global citizen.

Before I leave you now I’d like to say my email is rmteevens@gmail.com and I don’t know how often I’ll have internet after Thursday but I’ll have it occasionally and emails from anyone would be nice! Also please tell other people to follow my blog! Especially students who might consider this option in the future. I know school is starting soon so tell teachers to tell their students too. This program is really worth considering!