The Beginning Of A New Journey

This is it only one day till the first part of my journey. CALIFORNIA!!! There's a series of emotions rolling through my mind. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and I feel very weird. This all just doesn't seem like a reality. I remember when I applied it seems like it was just yesterday (I know very cliche). When I sent the application in I told myself yeah,right but hey at least I tried. I thought this program was so cool and that it had to be such a long shot for me to get accepted. Then when I received an email that I had made it through the first round. I was shocked. I was actually going to have an interview. That's when the pressure and nerves really started to kick in. I had a shot at something that I never even thought could be an option. I had the interview and I felt I was a nervous mess. Months went by and November arrived. An email from Global Citizen Year saying I was accepted!!! I had never felt so much joy and shock in one moment. The funny thing about it is I was at school when I read the email. It was extremely quiet in class so I couldn't be loud. I read the email and my eyes literally bugged out of my head and I exited the email and then went back and clicked again. All I could say was WOW this is really real. My dreams as a small child are actually coming true. I had told my mom when I was about 4 or 5 years old that I wanted to travel the world. Now that dream is coming true. I'm making my first step out of the U.S. to South America. It's so surreal that it's almost been a year since I've applied for this program. Now that this journey is before me, I just try to tell myself that anything is truly possible as long as your mind and heart are fully invested. 😊