the art of description

Here’s the link to my Capstone video!

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Throughout my time in Ecuador, and the process of blog-writing, it seemed impossible to put this experience into words. No matter how well I mastered the art of description, I knew that every reader would create their own version of this world in their mind. A world that was, most likely, heavily influenced by the reader’s personal experience, preconceived notions, tv-watching history etc. How could any sentence fully capture the feeling of Ecuador? The mischievous twinkle in my brother’s eyes whenever he pulled a prank, the heart-clenching beauty of Mayra’s laughter? With my Capstone project, I wanted to take my audience into this world, if even for just 7 minutes. I am a strong believer in movies and their power in not only informing viewers, but setting them on a path of empathy. I hope that this movie helps you feel Ecuador, the tears and the laughter that made my experience what it is. The every-day, the in-betweens. Not every moment was happy, but every moment was beautiful. 


I showed this video to my Ecuadorian family a few days before I left. Huddled together, we would reminisce about every memory that the clips sparked. It ended up being an evening of story-telling, even though we had all lived the stories already. As I told them my tales, it felt like what I was really saying was “I remember. I will always remember these moments, and I will always remember you”. 


Being back in Sweden, Ecuador already feels a world away. Working on the Capstone has been a great refuge for me whenever I just needed to be convinced that this did happen. It did happen, I will always remember, and I miss it so much.

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