Taking Note: SEEN, FELT, DONE…

    It's been a month now since I've left my cozy home tucked in the mouth of the Ogden canyon. At times I find myself reflecting on my year abroad in Germany, and slipping into a mindset of  "Oh- I've experienced this before. I've lived with a host family before, I've struggled with a language barrier before." etc. Which is true, to an extent, but I've noticed that I've allowed this negative mindset to degrade the incredible opportunity/experience ahead of me!

    So I've been taking mental notes of the unique beauty of Brazil, and the experiences I've had here. Sure, I've struggled with learning a new language before, but Portuguese is different. The way it rolls and seems to string out and pull back in like a yo-yo is unique, and completely different from German. (Metaphor for the bridge year anyone?) So without further ado, here are a few of those unique, special moments:  

Brazilian hippies MET: Approximately 12

Mornings I've still FELT full from last nights dinner: Probably 7 

Times I've EATEN at Ratones famous Browneria: 3….. or 4 ?

Moments I've said "I know it sounds cheesy, but I FEEL alive:" 5 

Times I've been LOST on the bus: 3 

Times my toes have TOUCHED the ocean: 23 

Cute cafes FOUND: 3 

Times I've FELT the sting of a caterpillar: 7 

Cockroaches FOUND in my bathroom: 5 

Days I've gone without SEEING Caroline: 5

Concerts SEEN: 3

Times I've been THROWN  fully clothes into the ocean: 2 

Dogs I've been CHASED by: 4 

Strange little critters FOUND at my internship: 4 

Brick phone texts SENT: 89

Wild strawberries PICKED: 100ish

Wild strawberry jams MADE: 1 

Little trees PLANTED: 130 

Sand castles BUILT: 2