Sounds of Senegal

pictured in photo: Ndeye Marda and Mame Diarra

1. Whole Wide World(unpeeled) by Cage The Elephant
      This song sounds like the mid morning market.
2. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine
        This song sounds like the way the sun rises in the morning.
3. Hazey by Glass Animals
         This song sounds like the way night falls.
4. Black Mambo by Glass Animals
          This song sounds like the market after Añ (lunch) but before 5.
5. Lavender Kiss by The Licks
           This song sounds like sitting on the Bissan in the afternoon with my Yaay (host mom).
6. The Complete Knock by Blood Orange
           This song sounds like the walk to my apprenticeships.
7. New Slang by The Shins
            This song sounds like the drive from language class in Tiauvane to my home in Piré.
So it goes,
 Fatou Bintou Mboup
 Sophie Librett 
(p.s. I made this playlist collaborative so feel free to add songs that sound like your surroundings)

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