Sounds of Mako

Kevin Do - Senegal

March 7, 2013

I hear the roosters every morning

I hear the donkeys as they bray

I hear my family shooing

All the animals away


I hear the sounds the children make

I hear them shout with joy as they play

I hear them shriek from the beatings they take

But that’s the Senegalese way


I hear the women doing their chores

I hear them pound the grains into pots of clay

At all hours they cook, clean, and sweep, the same tour

But the house is where they stay


I hear the voice on the microphone

I hear it call the village to pray

I hear the Arabic sung in a trancelike tone

All week, five times a day


I hear the wind blow in my ear

I hear the leaves rustles as they sway

I hear my family vanquish my fears

With the Pulaar language as they say,


“Souleymane, Souleymane waawi Pulaar jooni

Si ko Amerik a hotay

Anditay Mako e meeda yijitii

A joggi Senegalnaajo bengure”


(Souleymane, Souleymane can speak Pulaar now

If you return to America

Remember Mako and never forget

You have a Senegalese family)

Kevin Do