Some Things Never Change

To be honest, I am not a poetry girl by nature. But during the last few weeks of re-entry, I have found it to be a fitting outlet. Here’s my latest shot at free verse on change. Enjoy.


Is it true that some things never change?

Bound by constant, unremitting force

Surrendered to the stillness

black ink and red lined boundaries

drumming only within their frequency

Is it a choice?

choose to free yourself

to feel again to smile vigorously

all the same as if she were here

to move intentionally through

like an ant that skates across a chalk line

rupturing confines, flitting

exciting a revolution of another

thousand ants in suit

Just as a traveler steps on new soil

sees familiar prints and tears of life, the old friend

hears foreign murmurs of the unchanging

feels the heat of a land untouched

cries in built-up civilization

But the day will come, has come

the hero’s journey centripetal by nature

transports the untranslatable

in the blink of an eye

to greet rebel insects and

grin upon them

breathing overdue evolution.