So, who moved my cheese?

I remember this exact moment when I was 10 years old, mad for some reason and locked inside the bathroom, (where at the time my family had kept magazines and sometimes books). Something as silly as this moment has always seemed to stick with me.
So here I was 10 years old, angry (probably at my parents) and locked inside the bathroom of my house,
I must have been in there for a good amount of time because I managed to come across a book. All black with gold letters reading, Who Moved My Cheese.
Being as young as I was I thought this was silly, why is there a book about cheese in my bathroom? 
But I guess to kill time I began reading.
It’s October 11, 2015 a rainy Sunday morning in campo largo, Brazil.
Currently watching the movie “eat, pray love”, about 10 minuets into the movie I see this familiar book again titled “Who moved my cheese”.
From just seeing that I got chills again.
8 years ago this book changed my perspective, and today it has reminded me of my “cheese” values.
Change is good.
Happiness is not a place, nor is it an object.
Many of us are always on this hunt, though as if we are in a maze, searching and searching for this feeling of joy and once we think we’ve found it – it is taken away.
Some choose to morn while others learn.
Something so beautiful I got from this book was a simple question.
“Why waste time looking for cheese, when you could use that time to make it?”
Yes this book is about happiness, and how sometimes the best things happen when you think you’ve lost it because it required some sort of change.
The past months in Brazil have truly been amazing but just like anything else in life it has not been easy, I’ve definitely had my downs and I am so very thankful for them. I feel as though now I can look threw a new pair of eyes. When I say I have been reminded of my cheese values, I am referring to those moments where I could have easily made my happiness in a state where I was not. It’s that of focusing on what you can change to be better, in this case my – mindset.