So this is how it happened, my Global Family is expanding into Brazil!

Looking back, I will never forget the day when while having what seemed to be a typical afternoon in UWC Mahindra College, right before everyone gets really busy and emails cease to be checked, an email changed it all.  I opened an email that sparked my curiosity as it contained a document which explained how Shelby Davis had opened an opportunity for UWC future alumni to join a program called Global Citizen Year. After reading the pamphlet attached outlining the program and what it entitled I couldn’t stop researching about it for the next half an hour. That’s when it happened. Since it has only happened to me twice I still don’t have a name for it, Maybe after reading this you can help me name it? It is sort of an eureka moment you could say but not really. The first time it happened was when I decided to apply to UWC and the second time is this, GCY.


Symptoms: When it happens I feel butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks start to hurt from smiling, my heart starts beating fast from the type of excitement you feel when you know you’ll be scared/surprised but you don’t know when it will happen or if it will at all, I get what I call “crazy eyes” and I can’t help but think that although I don’t know for certain what I’m getting into there is no turning back. 


Next thing? I apply.


I am most definitely not religious but I am spiritual and in times of uncertainty I always tell God: “This is all I have, I want to help but I have no idea of where or how to start so here’s the deal I propose: You take me there and I’ll give my best.” I feel this as a process of free falling that scares me like you can’t imagine but that so far hasn’t failed me. I think this method works because no matter how anxious I become, how much I doubt myself or how many times I feel overwhelmed, I know I have my crazy family (be it in El Salvador, Colombia or scattered around the globe) that is nothing but supportive. So, I take these chances, and I know in my heart that it’s the right thing to do.


On the other hand, after leaving absolutely brokenhearted form UWC and accepting that now my family is even more scattered all around world, I understand that this is also one of the most wonderful aspects of my life. This is how now, although I feel certainly conflicted about goodbyes, I know that nothing will make me happier than to continue expanding what I call my family a little bit more. I’m sure that my experiences in Brazil will see me adding new members to my Global Family and I simply can’t wait to meet them all!