Shea Kerry’s First Blog!



Welcome to my first blog. I have no clue how all my blogs
will be structured. It may be about what I am experiencing, what I observe,
notes to my future/past self, or random things I am thinking about. Being
honest, I usually have everything planned out, but I do not have a solid plan
for my blog because I have no clue what I am going to feel like writing about.
Maybe I will not feel like writing a blog at all and instead, just be a video
or lots of pictures. Who knows!

Let me tell you what’s happening at the moment.

This whole summer I have been working, sewing bags, learning
French, packing, and binge-watching Grey's Anatomy with my mom and dog Stevie.
I usually am a very last-minute packer (the night before or the morning of). I
decided to start early so I do not forget anything or it’s too late to get an
item I need. If you ask my parents, I have had a packed suitcase since
mid-June. They know because it has been in front of their door. And yes, I am
very excited!

Last week I finally brought the suitcase down and did the
final check. Yesterday I went out and bought the last few items I need so…I
think I am ready.

Today I received some BIG NEWS! I found out about my host
family and what I will be doing in Senegal. I have two apprenticeships:
Agriculture and Education. My agriculture apprenticeship, I will be gardening,
soil preparation, watering, planting, and harvesting. In my education
apprenticeship, I will be teaching in a high school to students from ages 12 to
20. I am going to live with a family of five. I have a mother, father, and
three siblings (one sister and two brothers). I am so excited to meet my
family, but I have a lot still to learn before I go and while in Senegal. Some
of my Siblings speak French, so that will help, but at the same time, I do not
speak a lot of French:/. The rest of my family speaks Wolof. I feel like I am
going to have a lot of fun. There will be a language barrier to get over and I
am up to the challenge. It will push me outside my comfort zone. 

I only have a couple more days left at home before I fly to
California for Global Launch. Stocking up on some of my favorite foods to share
and studying my French flashcards.

Until next time!

Shea Kerry:)