Searching for myself across the world

Many 18 year olds have no idea who they are. They do routine things, such as getting a job, or applying to college, while going through life with the their lives supposedly paved out for them already. Because of this, they don’t know who they are, what they’re suppose to be, and/or what makes them truly happy. And, unfortunately, I was one of those kids.

I thought I had everything figured out. I was all set to go to college and continue on my path: however, my unhappiness just grew into a huge burden.

That’s around the time when I discovered this program called “Global Citizen Year”. ¬†Soon after hearing about it, I signed up for a chance of a lifetime. Fast forward 2 months and I am now going to India!
The benefits of this program are never ending. It allows young men and women, like myself, to experience first hand the effects of volunteering for those who deserve it most.
Among this experience, I will be finding myself in a whole new light. It won’t be through college, but across the seas in India. I will be apart of a community entirely different than my own and pushing my comfort level to grow into the best version of myself possible. It will teach me how to focus on others, as well as myself, to reach new levels of personal growth. This will be an unforgettable year and I will finally find myself; I’m convinced.
Overall I am anxious, excited and more than thrilled to be embarking on this journey of a lifetime. I am super thankful for all who made this journey possible and has supported me through every step of the way. Huge shout out to them and the GCY community.