Sat Nam

Emily Collins - Senegal

July 10, 2012

Sat Nam; Truth is my identity. A yogi mantra that I discovered in my first session of yoga 5 years ago, unaware of how much value it would hold to me in the future. I have always been one to question the way the world works. Why does society hold certain expectations and how have they even come about? More importantly, why are we here? How, when, and for what purpose? What I have discovered is that there is no meaning mankind can grasp, and that is the beauty of life, culture and beliefs itself. Our own truths are simply our intuition and choices.

All people are constantly striving to feel a sense of purpose, to feel connected to those surrounding them and to be loved. I see on a global standpoint the amount of disconnections that are growing rapidly. The more connections our culture builds with mass production and cyber worlds, the more disengaged we actually become from reality. How many people can say they have met the farmer that has planted the seed to feed them dinner? Or have experienced living in a culture on the edge of their comfort zone?

And then I realized my truth. I am here to reconnect the world. To experience different lives, hear the story of thousands, and to bridge together the gaps in society. I want to rediscover the roots of morals, and never be ignorant to others. I want to encourage everyone globally to produce the life they believe in, and to feel a sense of belonging. Our truths, our reason, our sense of belonging on this earth is not merely a superficial reason, but rather ingrained deeper than our own values in the midst of our soul. And if we allow ourselves to become aware of just that, our connection to the world grows, and our sense of purpose is found. When I think about my own inner core, I realize that the values I hold dear are the same that Global Citizen Year is supporting. Global Citizen Year is allowing me to take my first step into a new chapter of my life. With this year I will begin my future: to help others as I journey through life, grow from every experience, and never stop understanding my truth.

Emily Collins