Safe Haven




There is this place
in Otovalo, where I spend a lot of time. It is a safe haven, dependible,
consistent, clean. A welcome escape from the clusterfuck that is the rest of
indigenous Ecuador, with rabies touched dogs, screaming bus dirvers and
hustling vendors.


 Directly in front of this safe haven is Otovalos
main attraction, the infamous open air artesenial market, filled with
everything you could posibly want, all made in the surrounding communities,
some even made by my host family.


The safe haven in
question have beautiful and large Windows to look out of, that look onto the
open air market. So even though I feel safe and happy and serene in my safe
haven I look out over the messy chaos of Ecuador.


It took some time for me to justify coming to
my safe haven whenever I wanted. Finally I realised a justification was simply
not necessary, I’m happy in my gringa café, and that is all that matters.