reflection, reflections

During one of many reflections throughout this past week, I said to my tribe that PDT had been one of the best experiences of my life. I reverted back to a conversation I had with Henry as we walked to the dining hall from Pac, a 2 minute walk. During that 2 minute walk Henry and I had a deep and meaningful conversation about what it means to be alive and be conscious and how to live life to the fullest by taking full advantage of our consciousness. This is only one example of many conversations I had this week with the amazing people that make up the 2017 global cohort. 

Continuation: August 29th, 1:15 am
I just downloaded frank oceans new album, so I probably won't sleep for a while. When I'm up late I usually think myself into moods. The mood I'm in right now can only be described as happy; immense happiness. During meals and sessions, and since I'm not much of a talker in a big group setting, sometimes I'll look around at the people I'm  surrounded by and be grateful that I have this opportunity and that it's just getting started. For those of you fellows that are reading this, I appreciate you more than you know. All of you have made me realize that being a closed off person isn't what I'm meant to be, that sharing experiences and thoughts with people who will listen actually feels pretty damn good. Mom, dad, Nina, Gramom, grandpop, aunt missy, Haley, aunt Sarah, all the murphys, my dear mom mom, I have all of you to thank for forging me into the 18 year old young man I am today and supporting me on this journey. I can't wait to see all of you when I get back. 
"tell people how you feel about them, kiss the one you love, laugh until your stomach hurts, and do whatever you feel like doing right now.
because we're souls in temporary bodies and in a matter of years we'll all be ashes and dirt with only memories to live for us"