“Recognize truth & stand for it” – a vegan conflict

I came to Brazil ready, ready to say yes to just about anything.
Little did I know I would be going against who I am now as a person ?
Over the past month I have been in a constant conflict with my inner self.
I am a vegetarian living in Brazil (aka meat capital) with a vegan mindset.
People here turn heads once I mention, “oh, sorry I don’t eat meat…”
But what I really want to say is, “Oh sorry I don’t support the industries that are potentially killing our planet and it’s people”.
-Okay that was a bit harsh but you get the point?
I feel as though “I am a hypocrite”.
How is it that I preach veganism, but I am not one myself?
I know I have not come to Brazil to change its culture.
But why should I go against my beliefs and what made me happy?
This isn’t a diet but rather a lifestyle.
Going vegan has changed me – for the better.
It made me feel clean hydrated with so much energy (physically/mentally) and has made me more aware of what was going on.
So why am I sacrificing this?
For the longest time I told myself I am doing it for the culture, yet I’ve come to realize the Brazilian culture is much more than just food.
I came here with a sense of guilt in sharing what I stood for, but I think I’ve had enough.
Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
I’d like to thank Kofi Annan for such wise words, something I always like to look back at no matter the situation.