Reaching Outside My Comfort Zone

Lindsey Sepulveda - Ecuador

July 7, 2011

Writing this blog post has been one of the most difficult things I’ve had to this summer, but like many things in life, it has to be done. I knew when I decided to become a GCY Fellow that I would have to do some blogging and many other things that aren’t a part of my comfort zone.

I avoid writing at all costs. I once put off writing two essays for over six months. It’s not that I would put off writing because I’m a procrastinator. I put off writing because I don’t like letting people see my weaknesses. While in school math was the easier subject because it was logical and unarguable. English however can be interpreted in many ways. When there is a question that needs and answer, I expect there to be one right answer.

To me writing is complex and uncomfortable, much like this bridge year will be. I will have many experiences that may seem uncomfortable, but I have to be optimistic and open minded in order to fully take advantage of this opportunity given to me. Reaching outside of my comfort zone is something I’ve been working on for a while. When I was younger I was much more quiet and introverted, but now I’m much more personable, outgoing, and often eccentric.

I was able to become the person I am now because I’ve had great people in my life that encourage me to accomplish whatever I set my mind to. My parent always supported me in every decision I made. My friends, although they will miss me, support the idea of me leaving the country. I’ve also had a great support system through an after-school college preparatory program called College Track. I first joined the program as a freshman. College Track is the reason I found out about GCY and plenty of other opportunities. College Track helped me get through high school and get into college, much like GCY is going to help me not only do well in college, but also in life. I’m grateful I’ve have two wonderful programs that are helping me reach my full potential in every way.

Lindsey Sepulveda