It’s now February; and I have posted just two blogs. The content part comes easily, my life is eventful, I am learning new things all the time, and my mind is full of thoughts. It’s the writing part that’s hard – there’s an art to writing beautifully; it’s not easy to review your work, and to be satisfied with what you’ve produced. I have so many word documents ready to upload; but after the ‘filtering’: the second guessing, the re-wording, the ‘fluffing it up’, the cheesiness, and my failed attempts to be more ‘sophisticated’, I am left with something entirely different than what I started with. My point has been lost; and my story tainted. I’m finding it hard to write; and even harder to share what becomes an inorganic story. It’s just not me. It’s not authentic.

I know that anyone reading this is likely to be a friend, a family member, or someone I will meet during or after my bridge year; and therefore with this in mind I have decided to ‘re-tweak’ the way in which I share my stories. My future blog posts will make sense to me; but not always to you. They may appear to be ‘word vomit’ – writing with no significance. But for me it’s important, something worth remembering; it may be a snapshot of a memory, or an emotion, or an event, or a lesson, or a thought. But next time we meet, ask me about that blog post that didn’t quite make sense, and I will retell my story with the facial expressions, and the gestures, and the voices, and the actions that make me, me and my stories mine.
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