R3 Animal: A Video

This video was made in order to capture the beautiful work done at R3 Animal where I spent my 7 months in Brazil volunteering. R3 Animal is an NGO who’s mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Reintigrate wild animals into their habitat.┬áThis organisation has done so much for me. It has helped me grow, change, and learn about a part of our world I have never before expressed interest in before. The volunteers at R3 Animal are incredible, taking time out of their days to take part in messy, sweaty manual labor in order to help a great cause. Because of this, I thought I should do something for them and that is why I made this video. The facilities in R3 Animal are not even close to advanced, and lives for the rescued animals could be significantly improved with some extra money. All of their funding comes from donations, but because Brazil is not considered a philanthropic culture, money is difficult to come by. Give back to an NGO that changed my life, along with thousands of other injured, trafficked, and betrayed animals. Protect the natural beauty of Brazil full of diverse species of beautiful animals. And finally, help spread awareness of this organisation and the work they do by sharing this video!

Please go to the site en.r3animal.org.br and donate now in order to help this NGO.

Thank you!