Pre-departure thoughts and feelings

These last few days have been full of slow days and quality time spent with quality people. By slow days I mean that we didn’t do much in those days but man, did they go by fast. My mind is constantly racing thinking about how much this experience is about to impact my life. This is the longest I will have ever been away from home.
When people ask me what my plans are for this upcoming year they are so interested to hear about my approaching adventure in Ecuador and they tell me how life changing this will be for me and how it’s such a great opportunity. I am excited for this next step in my life but I am also nervous. Anyone would be nervous for this kind of trip.
People have many different opinions on gap years and I’m taking this one because I don’t have a “dream career” or some special plan for my future. I’m taking this time off to kind of, figure myself out. Find out what I want and what I’m capable of.
I believe Global Citizen Year will help me figure this out, at least a little.
My current state of mind right now is of course a big jumble of emotions and it’s going to be that way for a while. But I can tell you the strongest emotions are excitement, sadness, anxiety, and hope. I’m not entirely sure of what’s coming in the next couple of months but I sure am excited to find out.