In my first blog post I made a soundtrack which featured the various sounds that surrounded me at the farm I worked at. At the end of my global citizen year all those sounds that had initially confused me, were now sounds that I connected with a deep sense of familiarity and belonging. That language became understandable and every voice or sound that I experienced throughout the day was connected to a set routine or a person. 

I feel a sense of guilt for perpetuating a very stereotypical aspect of my experience. The reality was that I spent the majority of my time in my home stay in Tivaouane, which was a in an urban setting. My home stay was in stark contrast  to the days that I spent at the farm. However another reality is that I loved spending my time at this farm in Dougnane. This place with all its people found a special little place in my heart. A place that I would like to share with whomever decides to read my blog posts.
In my last blog post I wanted to give a face to all the sounds I once found so confusing. Through a series of pictures from my last day at the farm.  A day when it was all a little less confusing and more comfortable.
Passed by my language tutor Kouly and his wife Absa on their way to work.
Innebygd bilde 3
Modou returning from the fields. 
Innebygd bilde 1
Modou returns to the fields. 
Innebygd bilde 2
To water the mangoes. 
Innebygd bilde 4